Technologies for PV Controlling

iPLON believes in the importance of internationally recognized standards in PV power plant controlling. It is important for us to provide only products of highest quality standards and a long life expectancy - „build to last“ is what we want. For the controlling of central inverters we provide specially adapted and scalable solutions.  


Our solutions enable you to modulate information packages via the AC powerline and then send them to a centrsal information gathering point. These data can be automatically processed and is then displayed e.g. on our web-based portal (secure private data). Alternatively, the data can be directly sent to yiur phone via SMS or to your E-Mail account. 

Another aspect of the iPLON approach towards PV controlling is our string monitoring approach. We allow you to capture data on currents and flows at each string, therefore giving you further details about your plant. 

Especially for the controlling of central inverters we offer scalable solutions that were customized for such topologies.  Instead of conventional GAKs we use our specially developed Intelligent Field Terminals (iFT), which together with our iATS allow you to display various controlling functions on the field-level. A special highlight is the possibility to transfer data on the DC side through powerline technologies that can easily monitor voltages of up to 1.000 volts.

System architecture for Total Lifecycle Management