Software development

In the first instance we develop software solutions for hardware designed by us. The demands are usually very high, such as extremely fast response times and a high failure and error safety.

In the field of Embedded Software we assume the integral project realization for different hardware platforms, from design of specific partial functions to repetition part.

Control Engineering & Algorithm development

Up to 60 % of our employees are engineers from the most different fields, providing us with a predominant competence in the area of control and algorithm development. In the field of electromechanic systems we associate classic methods and approaches with up-to-date procedures. This includes state control in combination with state and/or disturbance variable monitors and neural networks and Fuzzy methods.

Model-based develpoment & Testing

Using models for development and testing of products we reduce development times and considerably lower costs. A more than 20 man years experience make this model based development and testing business one of our core competences.

Using commercial tools we realize, amongst others, practicable specifications, software and serial codes for different micro controllers and FPGA or Rapid Prototyping applications. 

Engineering & Embedded

Our understanding of professional software engineering is the use of the latest technologies in order to realize optimal solutions. This includes object oriented tools and standard environments for analysis (OOA), design (OOD) and programming (OOP), but also specification methods such as UML and CASE tools. Furthermore, we possess substantiated know-how in the field of common standard environments and operating systems. In addition to the core functionality for such applications we also realize their graphic user interfaces and the integration in superordinate or distributed systems via common networks or bus systems.

Adaption to customer systems

The creation of individual solutions that are precisely matching your requirements is one of our main goals. Due to our intersectoral activities we know the development processes of the most different industrial fields; this makes it easy for us to optimally fit in our customers’ processes in most different projects. 

Quality assurance

In software development we take up on different levels in order to grant our customers the best quality. This not only includes clearly defined processes compliant with international standards, but also the permanent qualification improvement of our employees concerning quality assurance and development standardization. Software development
includes tests on all levels and systematic tests of the automatically generated or handwritten codes . Furthermore, we are familiar with the common standards of the different  industries and, upon request, we also support you in certification of development processes.