Ubiquitous Energy Savings - McDonalds

The Task

McDonalds strictly attends to equal standards worldwide. This includes a consistent cooling of their products. It was our task, in cooperation with Friedhelm Meyer GmbH, to develop a high quality cooling system with low energy consumption.

The Solution

Based on the LON-Technology we developed the intelligent control system QKL. Decentralized configured sensors allow for continuous monitoring and control of all processes within the cooling chambers. The cooling aggregates don’t go on automatically in intervals anymore, only when they are needed. Error messages and localization are generated fast and straightforward. Faulty components can be exchanged without impact to the integral system.

Customer Benefits

Though temperatures remained steadily low, the energy consumption could be reduced by 38%. The susceptibility to service requirements of the installation has been considerably decreased while the serviceable life increased to the same degree. Installation times and costs have been considerably lowered.