iPLONs O&M approach

Powerplant Simulator

Operation & Maintenance Center

The iGATE 18033

The iGATE is intended for OEM-customers. Plant manufacturers and other control cabinet manufacturers can
buy the most important parts from iPLON and implement them in their cabinets.
All connection schemes and installation documentation is supplied by iPLON.


  • ARM9 RISC Architektur (32-Bit) Linux System with 64 MByte Flash and 64 MByte RAM
  • Interfaces: RS-485 (optocoupler), LonWorks, FTT10A, 2 x RS232C, Ethernet, USB(HOST)
  • TCP/IP: 10/100 MBit Datarate
  • 8 LEDs, Service Pin, DIP switches
  • Dimensions: 156 mm x 86 mm x 58 mm (L+WxH): DIN Rail
  • Feed-in: 24 V-DC / 300 mA

Data sheet as pdf...

The iBOX Standard 18020

The iBOX Standard is used for supervising of photovoltaics-facilities with integrated web-server and
data-transfer via GSM, GPRS or DSL.


  • The iBOX Standard allows to map the data of inverters with RS-485-interfaces to the GPRS-interface.
  • Customer-specific websites are uploaded to the file system via FTP
  • Firmware update via FTP
  • Standard: 10 Inverters / 30 days / with 15 min intervalls
  • Max: 100 inverters
  • Easy to use (pre configured, installed)
  • Only 230 V-AC and RS-485-connection to inverter required
  • GSM-/GPRS-Modem
  • Alarms und yields via E-Mail
  • Prepaid-Card with „Reverse Tunneling“ (system remotely accessible)
  • System „always Online“ (every iBOX has its own IP-Address
  • Control cabinet casing: FIBOX EKOE 130 T
  • Casing: Plastics
  • Height x Width x Depth: 190 mm x 280 mm x 130 mm

data sheet as pdf...

The Intelligent Field Terminal (iFT)

With the use of central inverters it's very important to combine the available DC-strings to few collective DC-conductors. Our iFT can monitor both the currents and the fuses of the single string. Data transmission as well as power supply is provided by the available DC-strings.


  • Generator terminal box with 125 A fuses
  • Load breaker available
  • Load breaker also available as line safety switch
  • Double output terminals for series connection of additional terminal boxes, connector up to 185 mm²,
  • maximum current on connector 232 A.
  • Connection of 16 strings via spring-type terminal up to a profile of 6 mm² (differing profiles available on request) Quick overview on fault provided by LEDs for every single fuse locally
  • Every component is certified for 1,000 V-DC or more and guarantee a high durability.
  • Case in V2A, powder-coated, or in Polysafe for an announced durability of 20 years.
  • IP 54 Standard for optimal climate inside of the iFT-casing
  • All components protected from indirect contact „Back-off-hand-proof“ according toBGV A2 VBG4
  • Allows use of varying fuses for the phase fuses from 2 A to 25 A for optimal fuse protection
  • Expandable for optional notifications like „breaker state on/off“, „lightning arrestor triggered“
  • Customizable for particular climates by refitting of fan units or heaters

data sheet as pdf...

Intelligent Automation Terminal Box

With the use of central inverters it's very important to combine the available DC-strings to few collective DC-conductors. Our iAT decouples, processes and records all information regarding the states of the DC-fuses and DC-currents. The iAT is normally installed close to the central inverters where the information processed by the iAT is provided to the iMT.


  • Casing V2A powder-coated or in Polysafe for an announced
  • durability of 20 yearsIP 54 Standard for optimal climate inside of the iFT-casing
  • 230 V-AC / 24 V-DC power supply
  • Two fuses for DC-generator-connections
  • DC-powerline-coupler for 1,000 V-DC
  • Router (powerline to twisted pair)
  • iGATE datalogger and alarm-handler
  • TCP/IP also possible via glass-fibre optics
  • FTT10A connection to the iMT
  • Connection of up to 10 iFTs to a single iAT
  • Controlling of up to 1 MWp per iAT

Das IAT come in three different versions:

iAT19610_S Standard

iAT 19610_P Premium


Datenblatt als pdf...

The Intelligent Management Terminal (iMT)

With the use of central inverters it's very important to combine the available DC-strings to few collective DC-conductors.Our iMT is the central hub for all iATs in a system – here, all the information is gathered. We provide several variations of the iMT. The simplest version uses a control-terminal as display for visualizations.


  • 230 V-AC power supply (0,5 A) / 24V-DC-DC String current indicator
  • DC open fuse display
  • >DC (iFT) current comparison
  • Alarm- and failure display with acknowledgement
  • Connectability options: TCP/IP, fibre-optics or FTT10A LonWorks
  • Possibility of connection to external gateways
  • Possibility of connection to an internet portal

The IMT comes in three different versions:

Local & Remote SCADA (Premium) 19800


  • Connection to Internet (DSL and/or UMTS)
  • The Industry PC is connected to the intelligent Management Terminal (for monitoring of inverters, string monitoring and weather station monitoring)
  • Touch Screen
  • IP 55 Enclosure
  • Safety lock prevents unauthorized access to control panel

Optional features

  • Video connection (IP CCTV System)
  • Outputs for safety and security contacts

datasheet as pdf...

Soiling Loss System

Sensor Box for measuring the effect of soiling on photovoltaic panels
Consists of:
  • iPLON iFTSU4
  • current sensor
  • Gateway between the current sensor and SCADA
  • Meanwell Power Supply 24 V 230 V AC
  • Wire clamps
  • Wires
  • 8 analoge inputs for sensors
  • Relay contacts for alarms
  • Internet through GSM-Modem

Datasheet as pdf...

Weather Station Standard 15011

For the calculation of the PR (Performance Ratio) the Irradiation (W/m2 ), the ambient temperature and the Module surface temperature are needed. In this version the wind speed and wind direction sensors are also included.
  • Lonworks ( field devices)
  • O&M Handheld Terminal
  • 24 V DC Aux. supply
  • Irradiation (Pyranometer) sensor
  • Module surface Temperature
  • Ambient Temperature sensor
  • Wind speed sensor
  • Wind direction sensor
  • I/O Module ( Lonworks) to connection to Control room or Inverter room

Die Weather Station gibt es in 4 verschiedenen Ausführungen:

Weather Station Value Line

Weather Station Standard

Weather Station Premium

Weather Station Premium Extended

I/O VCB Control (110 V DC / 5A relays ) 19710


  • Based on ISO / IEC standards 14908
  • Easy diagnostic via LEDs in data loggers
  • Connection to handheld Control Terminal
  • IP 65 enclosure
  • Connection for Vacuum Circuit Breaker Remote control
  • 110 V DC / 5A relays with freewheeling diodes and LEDs
  • 10 Relays
  • 230 V AC Aux supply
  • 24 V DC power supply

datasheet as pdf...

iFT ABB2 I/O Box Transformer Monitoring 19652 Premium


  • Based on ISO / IEC standards 149 08
  • 24 V DC power supply
  • Connection to iMT (intelligent Management Terminal) via LON
  • IP 65 enclosure
  • 8 digital inputs

Optional features:

  • Upgrade to analog input modules
  • Temperature and humidity measurement
  • Irradiation and module temperature measurement
  • 230 V AC Aux supply

datasheet as pdf...