Our Philosophy

iPLON is the product of a vision. Most of the people who supported this vision and enabled the success are still our employees nowadays. Thus confidence and reliability in contact with our customers and among each other are part of the basics of our company.

The relatedness originated is reflected in our work – in extreme productivity. 
Furthermore, we overcome the apparent discrepancy between high innovation orientation and our core values, consistency and steadiness, by experience and expertise. Without the rigid structures of major enterprises we are always ahead of the time.

Furthermore, a clear commitment to the Post-Carbon Economy. is also part of iPLONs philosophy. Decentral intelligent networks - this is both our core competence as well as guidepost towards an economy that acknowledges our limited natural resources.

Our Goals

Simply innovating Intelligent solutions is not sufficient for us. We have only achieved our goal when we have created a true and sustainable added value for you.

Above all, the advancement of your business is our main concern. Together with you we generate new and better products and systems, emphasizing our core principles cooperation and partnership. We develop solutions for products and systems that makes your products not only  more efficient and more intelligent but extends its use beyond the original function. Thus we realized to open new markets to our customers by our ideas again and again and smooth them the way for even more success. With our future-proof solutions we provide you with a real competitive advantage and, furthermore, support you using resources in a more intelligent and a more efficient way.
We want you to go ahead – with our creativity, our expertise and the endurance it takes to provide appealing contributions.