Our origin

In the beginning there were enthusiasm and visions. When the LONWORKS® technology made its appearance in the early 90ies, Victor Thamburaj soon realized that the future did belong to the decentralized networking of devices based on this technology. In 1996, in order to implement his ideas, he founded his own company under the name of TLON and united a highly innovative community of techniques thrilled engineers and programmers, achieving pioneer work ever since.

The company quickly based ground with surprising and functional ideas. Only a year later the revolutionary Multi-Chip-Module „MCM 1050“ was developed in cooperation with an EU project. Today iPLON can present an impressing balance of more than 100 successful and partially awarded customer projects. iPLON also fortifies its status as trendsetter in the industry being a driving force of LONMARK® Germany.

Those days, iPLON solutions can be found in almost all technical and industrial fields. In the meantime we do not exclusively work with the LONWORKS technology anymore but also use continuative technologies such as TCP/IP.