Device networking

Based on the globally widespread LONWORKS-Technology a communication of the most different devices with each other can be realized from any location. In a manner of speaking, the decentralized approach of our LONWORKS solutions creates the intelligence on site and can be integrated even into the smallest devices.
Thus failures remain local and do not interfere with the entire system anymore. The danger of human failure is reduced to a minimum by process automation and independence of the products; maintenance times are reduced by timely damage alarm, allowing for easy failure detection. Due the subdivision into partial functions the software is also considerably more stable than elsewhere, while the steadiness of the integral system is independent from the complexity of the shortcuts and independent from the integrated customized software.
The access to all components within the network (Teleservice) is another advantage of our solutions, allowing for trouble shooting, maintenance works, process controls and remote monitoring, resulting in a higher capacity utilization and avoidance of down times.
The integration of new components into our systems and products is considerably easier as well, as there are no more needs to modify the integral system – just the component to be exchanged.
Do to state-of-the -art development tools we are in a position to simulate our ideas prior to realization., enabling us to recognize and master problems in time.
All in all, iPLON enables your systems and products to communicate, thus making them more sophisticated for all fields of business, better to operate and more efficient.