Device development

The development of a new product always represents a challenge. Demanding requirements, tight schedules and budgets request a precise planning and a highly competent realization. We have standardized processes available, making the entire development cycle transparent and thus predictable - from the idea to the completed product. This way we achieve highest quality and large planning reliability.

Focal point of our engineering performances is turnkey development of customer specific assemblies and devices such as within the fields of drive and control technology, industrial automation and device communication (M2M) via LON, TCP/IP and other communication technologies. Programming of embedded systems is another focus of competence, where we use up-to-date tools and methods accompanied by training courses.

Upon your request we organize the integral development process including packaging and delivery to your logistic center.

Requirement Analysis

Any development process starts with a requirement analysis, where we ask for your expectations and we elaborate a requirement profile for the new product in cooperation with you. As the requirement analysis has a crucial influence to the entire course of the process it is performed with ultimate diligence. The dialog with our customers is our main concern as it is the only way to comprehensively exchange the expertise between both sides. The requirement profile includes detailed information about the following issues:

Housing and packaging
Testing requirements
Standard specifications
Environment management.


Cutting-edge technology is part of the basic modules of our occupation. Our goal is the professional simplification of production, maintenance and the operation of machines and systems. To realize this we mainly use LONWORKS and TCP/IP technologies that moved more and more mainstream as standard for device networking in almost all industries. The hardware we use complies with the current state-of-art and is continuously updated.

We would be glad to give you advise. Just contact us.


In order to concretize your idea we connect our methodic knowledge and the experience from more than 100 successful projects to the creativity of our employees, resulting in an intelligent mixture of innovation and proven. The well proven concepts saved in our libraries are adapted to the circuits and modules to be newly developed. State-of-the art simulation tools allow for an anticipatory look at the completed product. This enables us to detect and master problems early enough thus not only saving precious time but also costs. We can, for instance, simulate circuit sections in order to optimize the module dimensioning and to develop cost-effective circuit designs.
The production technologies are coordinated with you right in the beginning. Thereby we can optimally consider special facts such as your material data base, provided production processes, the properties of later testing platforms and the requested test strategy (ICT, FCT, Boundary-Scan).
Due to a sophisticated module selection and our comprehensive material stock we can detach the prototype cycle from series production in order to save costs and time.
We attach importance to a continuous tool chain with our partners, thus granting the smooth transfer of development data such as circuit path width, electrical impedance, module data, testing files and project documentations. All project data such as system specification, circuit diagrams, printed circuit board data, mechanical drawings, data sheets and part lists are administrated in the project index and are subject to a version control.

Certification & Quality Assurance

The acceptance of the product concerning CE labeling and specific customer requirements is realized conjointly with an accredited testing laboratory or in compliance with the customer’s specification within a standardized declaration process. Furthermore you will receive competent support from our side for classification of the product in terms of product group, safety requirements and testing severity.
Our internal procedures ensure the achievement and maintenance of the agreed quality level. This includes approval procedures for product and production processes, supplier evaluation, production supervision, supervision of the testing instruments and, documentation of all tests.
Furthermore we exclusively cooperate with partners which are EN ISO 9000 certified.