Why are decentralized technologies the perfect solution for your enterprise?

Because they provide you a competitive advantage through their simplicity, price performance and functionality.

Our name stands for the promise of comprehensive services. Our integral approach creates the free space you need for your core competences. 

Our core competences are measuring and control technology and process engineering including the related development of algorithms. In addition, we create trend-setting solutions within the field of pattern based software development. We provide the competent realization of your projects with imaginativeness and enthusiasm for progressive technologies – from the first idea to production and delivery and project management. This includes, independent from the field of business, development and production of highly-intelligent hard- and software and relating sales, consulting and training. We combine our methodic knowledge and the experience of more than 10 years in the business with the creativity of our employees, thus achieving in an optimal way the solutions meeting our customers’ requirements. In order to keep track of all these activities a fixed contact person will attend to you right from the beginning to grant transparency and continuity and, to make you extremely comfortable. 

Based on the globally widespread LONWORKS-Technology a communication of the most different devices with each other can be realized from any location. In a manner of speaking, the decentralized approach of our LONWORKS solutions creates the intelligence on site and can be integrated even into the smallest devices. 

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The development of a new product always represents a challenge. Demanding requirements, tight schedules and budgets request a precise planning and a highly competent realization. 

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In the first instance we develop software solutions for hardware and comprehensive solutions designed by us.

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Project management

Further to the pure development services we also take over the management of partial or integral projects, going back to the experience of more than 100 projects. In order to leave nothing to chance, we rely on our project management, proven for years. This includes, where required, the formalization of operations and the scope of development where we can operate with calculable risks. 

Consulting Services

Besides our core business in conception and development of complex technical products and systems we are also present as consultants in all industrial fields and offer training courses at the iPLON Academy and the Infranet Academy.


Being a leading member of the LONWORKS community independent further development of our technologies is part of our assignment besides mission oriented research. From the very beginning we set up an innovation advance that can only be maintained by continuous further development and research.

Quality assurance

Customer orientation and the goal „First Time Right“ are the basic pillars of our company philosophy. In order to give consideration to the responsibility placed on us we work in compliance with a quality management system specially developed for this purpose. Our assemblies are exclusively manufactured in DIN ISO 9000 certified production lines.