Innovative Ventilation Control - M+W Zander

The Task

Amongst other, M+W Zander manufactures ventilation systems for clean rooms. Our task was to realize an efficient and economic interaction of the individual ventilation units, requiring a control management knowing how to adapt to continuously changing production processes.

The Solution

Conjointly with Zander we developed the CRiSxt software solution to network up to 75.000 units. CRiSxt supports planning, configuration, operation and monitoring of clean room ventilation systems in an efficient way. The individual ventilation units are connected via Patch cable, communicating with the iTAC system via net interfaces.

Customer Benefits

Each ventilation unit includes its own „intelligence“, allowing repairing, exchange or expanding individual units without influencing the integral system. The data transfer between the units and control stations is realized in real-time. Errors within the system are not only immediately detected but also immediately localized, thus reducing downtimes and long trouble shootings. In the mean time the integral system can be conveniently visualized and operated via centralized and location independent control units. Furthermore we have designed the integral system on Plug-and-Play basis, as this saves time and eminently simplifies the installation.