How do some manage to always remain ahead of their time?

By lateral thinking. BEcause innovatoin leadership means creating new impulses with new ideas.


Our innovation leadership is based on high motivation, outstanding expertise of our employees and up-to-date technology.

The expertise of iPLON is based on the knowledge of a corporate group but the capacity to act and the agility of a medium-sized business combined with tremendous experience of more than 10 years of pioneer work in decentralized automation. For our employees iPLON is more than just a job. We are a research facility rooted in practice where the apparently impossible is made possible again and again. Our staff loves the sensation to be always ahead of the time and therefore perform with high engagement and a lot of motivation to maintain this situation, where continuous further training and market observation are part of the standard. The ability of our employees to lateral thinking is, however, something special. They like to look beyond their one nose and often find the solution where nobody else would have guessed it.

In addition, iPLON is part of the Europe-wide association of Infranet Partners, which joined forces in order to conjointly market the LonWorks-Technology and to exchange experiences in all areas of LonWorks. Thus we benefit from the expertise of numerous partner companies enabling us to cooperate with specialists of the most different special fields at any time.

Further to our development services we also offer finished products, such as our technology platforms iGATEWAY, MCM 1060 and LON-Repeater/Router and LON-LWL components.

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In almost all industries the LonWorks-Technology moves more and more mainstream as standard for device networking. Apart from LONWorks we use TCP/IP for networking.

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As early as 1997 we developed within an EU project the revolutionary Multi-Chip-Module „MCM1050“ based on housed and non-housed Silicon ICs („Bare Dice“) on LTCC ceramics substrate.

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The hardware we use complies with the current best available technology and is permanently updated.

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