Efficient Catering Technology - Palux/Bremer

The task was to develop a highly efficient industrial coffee maker including multiple application improvements: grinding and brewing of different coffees at the push of a button, automatic cleaning of the machine, intelligent refill management, to be networked with other devices, remote maintenance….

The Solution

In cooperation with Palux/Bremer we developed a coffee maker with an integrated LON based control and communication system. By networking intelligent node points we created the possibility of a decentralized function control. The VIVA coffee maker, after a merge now manufactured by Franke, can be seen in a lot of places such as restaurant chains, McDonalds and many gas stations

Customer Benefits

There is mainly one thing the LON-Technology creates: Simplification.

Production, maintenance and operation of the machine have been simplified and adapted to the hectic every day in the catering business. The device can smoothly be integrated into an integral system and operates fully automated – from dosing the coffee grounds to brewing and cleaning. Cost savings by lean energy management, avoidance of downtimes by error messages and remedy in real time and ease of work through access from any location add.

All those benefits apply to any industry. What can we do for you?